Posted by Armina Manning

Christmas Parade Theme 2017
A Message from the Rotary Club of Orange 2017-18 President


Dear Friends and Community Members,
Although Rotary clubs throughout the world do a great deal of their most impactful work in their local communities, Rotary is a huge international organization that recognizes that, in the end, we are all on the earth together.  As Rotarians, we strive to embody “service above self” by caring for others.  We love and care for our neighbors, and we also understand that all peoples are our neighbors on earth.
Since last Christmas, our country has been having a year defined by heightened tension, divisive rhetoric, and thoughtless violence.  Let us come together as a community to push for something constructive, a feeling of unity, an effort to understand that which is unknown to us, and above all to love our fellow humans.
In the spirit of togetherness of all peoples, I am proud to announce the theme for 2017’s Orange Rotary Christmas Parade is “It’s a Small World After All.”  Yes, it’s funny isn’t it!  A quaint little phrase, an earworm of a song, but it really is a small world isn’t it?  Again, we are all on this earth together, let’s care for one another and create a beautiful community.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Armina A. Manning