New Home, New Members, New Year
The club's social gathering, graciously held at Bucky & Adrianna's home, was a celebration of New! We welcomed 2 of our 4 our newest members, Deanne Marshall and Dr. Jonathan Brooks. 
As a new member, I'm sensing a pattern where our District Assistant Governor, the honorable Wayne Murphy, inducts our new members and cajoles them into the universe that is Rotary. I, for one, think it is a fitting display of pomp and circumstance to surround such a meritorious event. Call me old fashioned but a new member to the club really multiplies our effective reach by many more times than one because of their families and personal reach. So, the more pomp the better (what is pomp, anyway?).
Deanne Marshal and Jonathan Brooks flanked by Wayne Murphy and Bob Brockman
I trust all our members were aware and could appreciate the herculean effort on the parts of Bucky and Adrianna that went into prepping their new abode for our swarm. I certainly did and I'm here to say that I didn't have one spec of mud on my good shoes upon arrival or departure! Anyone else notice the TONS of stone freshly deposited outside the Waddy home? Coincidence? No way.
Our lives are all so full that, after 31 days, we've probably all forgotten that it is a New Year with unlimited possibilities. Within Rotary, our club is already reaching for ever greater participation to benefit our community and exercising our International Reach via Rotary Foundation and via Rise Against Hunger. What, with Scout Troop 14, the Youth Fund, the Quest project, kids' dental kits purchased from the Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic for the Children's Toy Box program, and PAWS for Reading, we have a pretty full plate. Ok. Time to stop. Getting a little preachy.
For our next meeting, bring a friend, business associate, family member and you will extend our reach. Welcome Deanne & Jonathan!