5th Wednesday, compliments of Brian Hall, fit for a king!
And, all of the King's (Brian's) courtesans were in attendance. As the candid photos suggest, the catered event featured several tables full of scrumptious hors d'oeuvres and delicious tapas from local restaurant La Finca Grill.  Elmwood, Brian's home, was in full regalia, decorated for the Thanksgiving holiday and what a beautiful home it is. It was a delightful evening overall, complemented with Rotary club members and friends from Orange County.
Bob sure has John's attentionI deftly sampled all of the delicacies at this table situated in the gorgeous dining room (recently redecorated?) and can confidently say that there was nothing to disappoint. My favorite was probably the cerviche' set in champagne glasses - ah mes amis, comment delicieux! 
The menu was resonant of Bolivian cuisine but with a coastal flare. There was seared tuna, crab cakes, chicken filled empanadas, potato sandwiches (I'm not doing them justice as they were really tasty), succulent shrimp, and crab and Swia cerviche to die for!
The folks from La Finca and Brian did a marvelous job of making everything so special and everyone so welcome. The wait staff was formally attired and always ready to delight with a glass and a smile. 
So, our thanks goes out to Brian opening his home to us at Thanksgiving time. It was a 5th Wednesday to be remembered - the proverbial bar has now been set!
The next 5th Weekday (politically correct) will be at the end of January (on a Tuesday). It could very possibly be held at the newest residence in Rapidan that of Adrianna and Bucky Waddy. More information as the day approaches.
I look forward to seeing everyone there.