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...and how to stop it from ruining your day. Click this link: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1489195033?pwd=L1c4Q3l5THAwb05Va1FUZm9uWkRXQT09 .Rotarian Jamie McConnell will  Show & Tell the various nasty ways cyberscammers can show up on your virtual doorstep.

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Cyberscamming Program Agenda – 8/4/2020

  • Current Threats – how to trick you!
    • USB devices
    • How to definitively ID phishing emails – examples on my system
    • Public hotspots – eg, hotel wifi, coffee shops, airports – all are potentially unsecure!
  • Common sense activities
    • URL – get used to looking at the url of what you are clicking or where you are **
    • While shopping online or browsing
      • Make sure the site has a valid security certificate – SSL – to encrypt your data.
      • Stay alert when and where you enter your credit card info – eg, on PayPal or when you are on some ecommerce site
      • Avoid clickbait and targeted ads
      • Consider browsing incognito
      • Use only reputable websites
  • Anti-Malware = Anti-Virus
    • Types of threats include Adware, Spyware, Keylogger, Virus, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, Rootkits, Cryptomining, Exploits, Malvertising, Spoofing, Phishing, Spam, Backdoors, Pharming, Pups
    • Types of protection
      • Email scanning
      • Link analysis
      • Files & Download scanning
    • Free vs paid – YGEYPF (You Get What You Pay For)
      • Avg & Kapersky are “free” but ….
      • Windows Defender
      • iOS (Mac) – not immune
    • VPNs defined
  • Password Managers & Form Filling
    • Browser based – Google, Firefox, iOS Keychain
      • Pros & Cons
        • Free, security, shared across devices
        • Can’t share with family, hard to switch browsers
    • 3rd Party – free vs paid
      • LastPass, Keeper, Dashlane, 1Password
    • Security considerations
  • Two-factor Authentification – just do it!
    • What is it and why it’s a good idea
  • Identity Theft (if time allows)
  • Recent Data Breaches (if time allows)
  • Digital Privacy (if time allows)


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  • Macs – Fact vs Fallacy
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