The Orange County Children's Toy Box Rides Again!
Donna Waugh-Robinson visited the Rotary Club on Wednesday, Sept 17 to bring us up-to-date with current activities and provided us with some interesting history about the Children's Toy Box program in Orange County. 
For many years Donna has spearheaded this organization out of the Harley-Davidson dealership her family has operated and now the new owners of Waugh Harley-Davidson have generously committed to continue allowing the Toy Box to use their facilities - hurrah for them!. 
The Toy Box has grown tremendously over the years and now serves between 600 and 700 youth each Christmas season. Serving literally hundreds of families in Orange County each year, the program attempts to ensure that no child in our county will wake up on Christmas Day without any gifts. Donna, with lots of help from volunteers, donors, and other community organizations, is the embodiment of the Christmas Spirit. 
Most anyone from Orange County is eligible to be served by the Children's Toy Box, regardless of means or any other formal testing. It could be a Grandmother raising the grandkids on a monthly social security check already stretched thin purchasing enough groceries. Or a single parent temporarily finding themselves out of work over the holidays. The kids they serve are anywhere from pre-school to teenagers and the need doesn't seem to be abating.
She extended her thanks to our Rotary Club in donating and packing the dental kits which are given to each child on her list.  Because of our contribution, the Toy Box program has more funds to put to use for the children of Orange County at Christmas.